So it seems we're attempting to lose weight the wrong way.

According to a study reported on, eating a high-protein meal at least an hour before working out can actually help you burn more calories, as compared with starving yourself altogether. Researchers were able to discover this awesome fact by actually asking 10 female volunteers to help them out in an experiment. The women were divided into three groups: one had a high-protein meal (45% protein), another had a low-protein meal (15%), while the last one was asked not to eat anything before walking on a treadmill.

The result? Those who were in the high-protein meal group actually burned more calories per minute than those in the other groups!

"The body will use more calories when you have additional calories to expend (i.e. after eating)," lead study author Ashley Binns was quoted by as saying.

And guess what? Researchers recommend that regularly eating a high-protein meal before working out can actually help you lose up to a whopping 15 lbs. in a year! So better ditch your "no-food-before-working-out strategy," ladies!

(Photo courtesy of Elana's Pantry via Flickr Creative Commons)

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