Let’s be honest: We’d love nothing more than to spend one whole day lazing around at home watching our favorite TV shows. We tell ourselves that it’s okay to be a couch potato and eat junk food because, hey, we’re not obese... right?

“It’s so surprising nga because people who don’t even look big are obese because they live sedentary lifestyles,” says Toby Claudio, President of the Quorum Group of Companies responsible for fitness concept stores such as Runnr, Toby’s Sports, and more recently, MOVE at The Fort. “Obesity has actually grown triple over the past 20 years,” he adds. “Many people are now obese, and they don’t really know it, so when you get yourself tested and you find yourself obese, it’s a wake-up call.”

The question is, what do we do next? Toby gives us his personal recommendations below:

1. Know where you’re at right now.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure, so if you can get analyzed, that would be great,” says Toby whose latest store offers a fitness analysis that looks at your BMI, how much of your body is lean mass and how much of it is fat. “You might realize you’re surprisingly obese despite the fact that you may not be heavy, and it’s common actually to see that.”

2. Commit yourself to a goal.

Once we get ourselves assessed, we more or less know what areas we need to improve on. This is when goals come into play. According to Toby, there are generally four things that people aspire to achieve. We either want to be active, burn fat, build muscles, or just perform better--all of which are possible as long as we're decicated enough to stick to it.

3. Get your gear.

With a renewed interest in fitness comes a stream of stores catering to people’s specific demands. Exercise machines and other gym equipment abound. Dry-fit clothes and running shoes fill shelves. If we’re really serious about getting fit, we might as well invest in reliable gear.

4. Get instruction.

Of course, just because we bought ourselves a treadmill or a kettle ball doesn’t mean we stop there. Toby reminds us that it’s also important to get proper instruction on how to maximize our gear. "So many people buy [equipment] and when they get home, wala na, it just gathers dust, 'di 'ba?" says Toby, addressing the often sad fate sports equipment have.

5. Motivate yourself.

There are many ways on how we can motivate ourselves to start living healthy. A review of our goals, a promise of a reward, or simply a partner who has the same goals as we do can help us get started. In fact, “People who are fit and healthy are actually smarter, they’re happier, and less depressed, less stressed, you know, and it just starts with a single step,” says Toby. And well, who wouldn’t want to be all that?

MOVE Fitness Lifestyle Store is located at Two Parkade 30th Street of Fort Bonifacio Global City.

(Photo by xamogelo via Flickr Creative Commons)

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