understand_your_boss.jpgDo you feel like your boss is stifling your creativity at work? If you're tired of having your ideas shot down and you feel like it's affecting your work output, it's time to try a different approach. According to an article called "9 Ways to be Innovative When Your Boss Isn't" on Lifehack.org, the key to selling your ideas is understanding your boss's motivations.

"What are your boss’s ‘hot buttons’?" author Paul Sloane writes in the article. "What are the issues that really worry [them]? [Are] they motivated by pride, ego, money, career advancement, power, recognition, or do they want an easy life?"

By figuring out what outcome your boss is looking for in your work, you'll be able to frame your ideas in a way that caters to what he or she needs. You can also think of fresh ideas that will suit both your boss's and your sensibilities.

For example, if you know your boss wants big projects that could also step up his career, emphasize what parts of your idea will give him this. If your boss is the type of person who makes sure all approved projects adhere strictly to the company's vision and mission, play up the points in your idea that do so. You don't have to give up on your views to have your idea approved, but be willing to compromise and take your boss's input into consideration.

[Click here to read "9 Ways to be Innovative When Your Boss Isn't" on Lifehack.org]

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