solving_a_crisis.jpgThe last thing you want to do when you're in a crisis is panic, but when things go awry, it's hard to keep your cool. An article on entitled "12 Ways to Solve A Crisis" suggests writing down a worst case scenario so that you can stay calm and fix your problems.

"Just take a sheet of paper and write down everything that may go wrong," author Dragos Roua advises in the article. "And I mean everything. Write the worst that may happen to you. If you do this the right way, being totally honest, that is, something incredible will happen: your panic will dissolve. We fear the unknown more than anything else. If you know what to expect, everything will look manageable again."

Sometimes, half of your stress comes from the fear you experience after finding yourself in the middle of a crisis. By thinking of the worst case scenario, you give yourself room to anticipate what could happen next. Not only does this make you less afraid, but this also gives you the opportunity to prepare and create solutions that will help you prevent the situation from getting much more difficult.

This applies to both crises at home and at work, whether it's your youngest daughter getting a seemingly bad-news boyfriend or you losing your job. If you imagine the worst and put it down on paper, you are controlling your worries and making them work for you.

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