make_your_fear_work_for_you.jpgDo you feel like you're limiting your career growth because of fear? In a article called "Don't Let Fear Control Your Career," author Curt Rosengren says learning from your fear can actually help you avoid pitfalls when it comes to your professional life.

If you examine your fear, Rosengren notes, you'll see what potential dangers lie ahead when you make certain decisions. "[When you use your fear as] an advisor, it can give you some very specific things to work on that will help you avoid some of the bumps, bruises, and downright failures along the way," the author explains in the article. "For each of the dangers your fear brings up, you can say, 'OK, now what can I do about that? How do I minimize the potential of that coming true?'"

So the next time your fear holds you back from grabbing an opportunity, instead of succumbing to it, harness it and use it as a motivation to take steps forward. For example, if you're thinking of switching to a more challenging career field but keep worrying that you might end up stressed and overworked at my new job, don't use that as a reason to back down. Instead, think of the ways you can prevent it from happening, like improving your time management skills and not taking work home. The less stressed you are, the more confident you'll be at work, and the more reasons there will be for you to get the promotion you're aiming for.

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