focus_on_tasks.jpgSometimes, people can become so focused on their end goals that they forget about everything they'll actually need to do to accomplish them. A article entitled "How to Practice the Art of Detached Focus to Achieve Your Goals" advocates learning to distance yourself from the final goal and work on what you can do in the present instead of getting yourself worked up over getting results.

"If a sales person focuses on finalizing the sale, he is not paying attention to the customer and therefore will not serve the customer according to their needs," writes author Ciara Conlon. "Therefore we must remember to work with a sense of purpose and awareness of presence; if we work in this manner, we will be benefiting from the increase in productivity and efficiency that being focused can bring us, but more importantly, we will be moving closer to our desired outcomes in a relaxed, detached, and more effective manner."

Conlon reminds readers that it's not having too much focus that's the problem, but rather paying attention to the wrong things. In order to achieve your goals, do what you can to improve your skills and accomplish individual tasks that will contribute to the bigger goal. Be patient, and work with what you have, but don't force things to go your way when it's not yet time.

For example, if you want to get promoted, instead of constantly filling your mind with thoughts of what you'll do when you get there, just focus on doing the best job you can every day so that your bosses will see the hard work you're putting in.

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