todo_list_define_goals.jpgHave you ever found yourself giving up on a project before you've even started because you can't shush your inner critic?  In a article entitled "5 Ways to Stop Psyching Yourself Out of Your Goals," author Chris Smith says you can reach your goals more quickly if you define how you want or plan to get to them.

The more ambiguous you are about what you want to accomplish, the easier it will be for your inner critic to discourage you, Smith explains in his article. After all, an aimless project isn't going to get you anywhere. To avoid falling into this trap, Smith suggests knowing the specific details of what you want to get done--not to mention what things aren't in the agenda.

"Identify exactly what being done looks like and also what is outside of the scope of what you are trying to accomplish," he is quoted as saying. "This will ease your mind and allow you to accept that you can actually get something done."

So the next time you're planning a project or even just trying to get through a work day, be as detailed as you can when you make your to-do list. Being organized at work automatically gives you a leg up in the career race, and if you end up finishing your tasks faster because of this, then that's bonus points for you.

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