do_the_things_you_dread_first_for_workplace_happiness.jpgLooking to increase your work satisfaction and decrease your day-to-day stress levels while at the office? The article 11 Ways to Be Happier at Work” on suggests that you should do the task you’re looking forward to the least first off to avoid worrying about it during the course of the workday.

“Is there a task in your workday that you dread, so much so that you think about how much you dread it all day and find yourself struggling to get it done in the final hour?” asks writer Sarah Jio in the article. She goes on to explain the tip: "According to Carol Kryder, PhD, a clinical psychologist and mental health expert for, the 'fun factor' rule could help you. 'If you have a number of things to do within a short time, prioritize them in order of their "fun factor,"' she says. 'For some people, that means doing the distasteful jobs first and saving the best for dessert.'"

While you may be tempted to do the easy-breezy stuff first off when you get to work, having a difficult task looming over you as you get on with your workday can affect not just your mood but the quality of your work as well. It can also ensure that you end your day stressed, so why not save yourself the trouble, stop procrastinating, and end your day smiling?

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