No one will deny that this is the age of the personal computer and the Internet. Never before has access to information and entertainment been easier... or more dangerous. Farmville, one of the most addictive and popular on the Internet was named one of the 50 Worst Inventions by Time Magazine, which cited that the game promoted “mindlessness” and endless repetitive actions. So while it is the golden age of computing and connectivity, all that power comes at a heavy price—your time.

There are hundreds, thousands, even millions of sites and applications out there, many of which are designed to do no more than drain your time away from work, socializing, and even sleep! And while some of these do prove useful, they can also be terrible time sinks when not used wisely. Check out the slide show below to learn about ten sites and software that just won’t stop eating up your day.

Want to know what sites you visit most often? Here’s a little trick if you’re using Firefox. Go to a page you know you visit frequently, such as Facebook, go to Firefox’s Tools > Page Info, then click on the Details button in the lower right. Look at the number beside “Have I visited this web site before today?” If the numbers are in the thousands, or even in the tens of thousands, that's a good sign you need to stop visiting this site and focusing on the job!

Now, we know that total abstinence is a hard condition to maintain, but consider that you'll get a lot more work done (and therefore are more likely to be able to go home on time) and you won't run the risk of getting a black mark on your performance record because your boss caught you watching vids on YouTube instead of working on that report he asked you for!
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