peak_hours_inside.jpgIf you feel like you never have enough hours in a day to finish all your tasks at work, paying attention to when you're most creative or productive might do you some good.

According to an article published on, "Energy management begins with looking for your most productive hours in a day." The article, entitled "Manage Your Energy so You Can Manage Your Time," suggests that you monitor your working habits for a week and pay close attention to the times of the day when you did most work. "Take note also of what you feel during those hours–do you feel energized or lethargic?" You will eventually see a pattern of your most productive hours, and working around this time will help you reduce stress and manage your tasks better.

Some people work better in the morning, and some are more productive later in the day. Knowing which hours work best for you will stop you from pushing yourself to deliver more than you are able to and, instead, help you focus on producing work that is of excellent quality.

[Read "Manage Your Energy so You Can Manage Your Time" on]

(Photo by Highways Agency via Flickr Creative Commons)

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