1After all the leaps, burpees, planks, and squats, what else can you do to boost your workout? An article on Prevention.com shares a five-second fix that will transform your workout. According to a study published in the journal Memory, recalling a certain high you had when you finished your last workout will keep you moving forward to fitter and better you.

A group of researchers from the University of New Hampshire gathered 200 students to answer a survey with questions describing a wide range of activities including exercise, plus a few inquiries about what good or bad experience they encountered that will get them motivated into doing more calorie-burning activities in the future.

The results showed that those who described a feel-good moment or a certain fitness high were more likely to be active again. Those who remembered negative images (most probably involving sore muscles and difficulty in doing certain activities) were less likely to jump into the fitness bandwagon. Lastly, participants who had no fitness memory at all had lesser tendencies than the negative thinkers to move once more.


So, stay positive and keep on moving! Forget about the pain of having sore muscles—this a sign that your muscles are reacting to your fitness activity

(Ed's Note: If it's extremely painful, consult your physician and fitness trainer. Never engage in any exercise regimen without asking your doctor first.) Think happy thoughts and you're halfway there. It's the easiest workout advice, right?

Photo by USAG-Humphreys via Flickr Creative Commons

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