Prevention.com posted an article proclaiming that ghee is the new healthy fat craze. A staple part of Indian cuisine, ghee is a form of clarified butter, wherein buffalo or cow's milk is simmered until the water and dairy elements evaporate. What's left of it is a clear, liquid gold that has a rich, nutty flavor that Indians love pouring over rice, spreading on bread, or adding it in their dishes.

Ghee is a good option for people who have a hard time digesting dairy because the milk solids have been removed. Also, it's a clean-eating food because it doesn't go through chemical processing when produced. You can also use it for frying. It's only now that ghee is gaining appreciation from health aficionados, so expect it to show up in almost all groceries and restaurant menus.

So, is ghee the next olive oil? Philadelphia-based nutritionist Janet Brill, PhD, RD, author of Cholesterol Down explains, "It's really delicious, and there's nothing wrong with consuming it occasionally in moderation." Ghee, after all, is still a type of butter and it's high in saturated fat and low nutrition content. Don't frown upon the words "high saturated fat" yet, there was evidence gathered that consuming some of it will not clog your arteries and lead to heart disease. But Brill still further clarifies, "A healthy person can have it and enjoy it, but it shouldn't be your go-to fat you cook with or flavor foods with. Make that a monounsaturated fat like olive oil, which is natural and has a positive effect on heart health."


(Photo from Luisa Organics courtesy of Nico Swan via Pinterest)

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