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Maybe the reason why hitting up the nearest gym isn't all that effective for you is because you're simply copying exercises that others are doing. Let's face it, nobody knows your own body and self-limitations better than you! So instead of just pulling workout routines straight from the Internet or using whatever piece of gym equipment is available, here's how you can create your own workout routine to achieve your dream body:

1. Identify your body type.
We all have different shapes and sizes, so identifying your body type is one essential tool in creating a personalized workout routine. Start recognizing what you're blessed with and what you lack with regards to your body, and from there you can select the specific body parts you want to focus on.

2. Set a concrete end goal.
Motivate yourself to achieve your dream body by coming up with your personal goal. Do you want to build muscle, or maybe shed some belly fat? Do you want your routine to focus on your upper or lower portion, or will you opt to maximize it into a full body workout? You don't have to aim for an ideal weight! Your goals can be as simple as fitting in an old pair of jeans or eventually completing a set of physical challenges.

3. Choose your exercises.
Now that you know your goal, it's time to research on the different forms of exercise you can do! Make sure what you choose will help you achieve your aspired outcome. For example, if you want to lose weight, find cardio exercises that lower body fat levels or those that help boost metabolism. Check out this helpful list of 101 bodyweight exercises by Jules' Fuel that you can choose from!

4. Determine your starting number of sets.
With your chosen exercises, decide how many sets of repetitions you want to do per exercise. A rep (repetition) is one complete motion of an exercise, while a set is a group of consecutive repetitions. In coming up with how many sets you're going to do, it's good to push yourself to the limit once in a while, but remember to never overdo it. Gradually increase your number of sets over time.

5. Follow a strict schedule.
You hold your own time, so figure out the best days to execute your workout routine! Decide whether you want to do it twice or thrice a week, or if you're up to doing it daily. Make sure to allot enough time to complete your routine, and take breaks so you don't get too exhausted. Again, it's important that you're aware of your limits so you don't end up pushing yourself too hard. If you feel like you're too busy to workout, here are some tips that can help you maitain a routine.


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