Eat less fat and more fiber—this is what a recent study on the Huffington Post says to asthmatics who love their cholesterol.

Researchers compared the dietary habits and blood tests of 137 people with asthma with those of the control group to see if there were any striking differences. They found that those afflicted with the condition consumed five grams more fat everyday and five grams fewer fiber than the control group.

This made them more prone to experience airway inflammation—a known asthma symptom. In fact, every 10-gram increase in daily fat intake increased the chances of an asthma attack by 48 percent.

On the other hand, participants who took in a lot of fiber seemed to exhibit less inflammation and subsequent respiratory problems.

“Fat intake is important in people with asthma as it is pro-inflammatory, and can reduce the response to bronchodilator (rescue inhaler).” University of Newcastle researcher Bronwyn Berthon explains. “Lower fiber intake (is) related to poor lung function and increased airway inflammation in people with asthma.”

(Photo by Daniel Go via Flickr Creative Commons)

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