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Menopausal Women May Have Higher Asthma Risk

The reduction of estrogen in the body may trigger all kinds of diseases, making it important for women in their forties and fifties live a healthy lifestyle.

Include Your Asthmatic Child in Discussions with the Doctor, Study Says

Researchers recommend encouraging your children to voice out their opinions on their health, as they may view their conditions differently than you do.

Fatty Food Linked to Increased Risk of Asthma Attacks

Consuming too much fat may result in higher inflammation levels in airways, which can trigger respiratory problems.

Smokers Have Higher Mortality Rate than Nonsmokers

According to research, smoking-related deaths continue to decrease despite advances in cardiovascular medicine.

A Text Message a Day May Help Improve Conditions of Asthmatic Children

Recent research shows that using one of the most basic functions of your mobile phone may help keep wheezing spells away.

Asthma in Children Attributed to Traffic Pollution

Where you live may directly affect your child's respiratory health, a recent study says.

Vitamin D May Help Fight Respiratory Tract Infection Symptoms, Study Says

Do you have a bad case of cough and colds that you require you to take antibiotics? Vitamin D may just be what you need to activate your immune system.

Tobacco Trip: Smoking in Your Vehicle Can Greatly Harm Your Child

Exposing your child to as little as ten minutes of a smoke-filled car ride may have dangerous repercussions.

Holiday Health Hazards: 6 Common Health Concerns during the Festive Season

Health concerns can sure put a damper on holiday celebrations. Be informed about the common ailments by checking this guide.

Top 10 Pinoy Health Concerns

Keep your family out of harm's way by consulting this useful guide.

Take Vitamin C to Reduce Harmful Effects of Air Pollution

Research suggests Vitamin C may act as your shield against coarse particulates.

Babies in Families Who Own Dogs May Be Healthier, Study Shows

Think you have to give up your precious pooch or banish him outdoors just because you've got a baby in the house? Think again!

Too Much Exercise Makes You Vulnerable to Respiratory Infection

Sitting around all day isn't good, but neither is overworking yourself in the gym.

Air Pollution May Trigger Lung Cancer, Says Study

Researchers reveal that breathing in toxins on a daily basis may increase your risk of developing the Big C.

5 Myths about Asthma

FN lists 5 fictitious beliefs about asthma and shares facts you should know about the condition.