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Infants Exposed to Dogs May Have Lower Risk of Asthma

Your dogs don't only protect your household; they may also strengthen your baby's immune system.

Menopausal Women May Have Higher Asthma Risk

The reduction of estrogen in the body may trigger all kinds of diseases, making it important for women in their forties and fifties live a healthy lifestyle.

Include Your Asthmatic Child in Discussions with the Doctor, Study Says

Researchers recommend encouraging your children to voice out their opinions on their health, as they may view their conditions differently than you do.

Fatty Food Linked to Increased Risk of Asthma Attacks

Consuming too much fat may result in higher inflammation levels in airways, which can trigger respiratory problems.

A Text Message a Day May Help Improve Conditions of Asthmatic Children

Recent research shows that using one of the most basic functions of your mobile phone may help keep wheezing spells away.

Asthma in Children Attributed to Traffic Pollution

Where you live may directly affect your child's respiratory health, a recent study says.

Air Pollution May Cause Cockroach Allergies

The air you breathe may cause a number of different health concerns for your child.

Study Links Fast Food Meals to Asthma

You may want to say no to having burger and fries way too often.

Holiday Health Hazards: 6 Common Health Concerns during the Festive Season

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Fish May Help Young Children Avoid Asthma

A bit of fish may go a long way, as it may protect your child from this common respiratory ailment.

Laundry Story: Drying Clothes Indoors May Cause Health Issues

Drying your laundry indoors may sound practical during the rainy season, but a new study says that it may not be practical for your health.

Take Vitamin C to Reduce Harmful Effects of Air Pollution

Research suggests Vitamin C may act as your shield against coarse particulates.

Eating Nuts While Pregnant Doesn't Increase Your Baby's Risk for Asthma and Allergies

Rather than avoiding nuts, as was previously recommended, a recent study suggests pregnant mothers may even want to add them to their diets.

People with Asthma Can Still Exercise, Study Shows

Research suggests that working out may even prevent you from having asthma symptoms.

Stop Skin Asthma: 6 Potential Trigger Factors to Watch For

Keeping yourself or your family from these triggers can help you avoid setting off this condition.

Breastfeeding May Strengthen Your Baby's Lungs and Reduce Risk of Asthma

Studies show kids who were breastfed as infants may have a better chance of winning against asthma than those who weren't.