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A Low-Fiber Diet May Increase Cardiovascular-Related Diseases

Make sure to mix wheat and nuts in your diet in order to lower the risk of heart issues.

Juvenile Behavioral Problems May Signal Future Diseases

According to research, behavioral problems may have serious repercussions on your kids' health

Eating Broccoli May Help Protect You from Osteoarthritis

Compounds in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables have been found to prevent the development of painful join conditions

Lack of Sleep May Cause Birth-Related Issues in Pregnant Women

Getting enough rest at night is a must in order to avoid complications during child birth.

Parental Separation May Cause Children Increased Inflammation Risk during Adulthood

Children don't only suffer emotionally from their parents going their separate ways; they also suffer physically.

Fatty Food Linked to Increased Risk of Asthma Attacks

Consuming too much fat may result in higher inflammation levels in airways, which can trigger respiratory problems.

Sleep-Deprived Women with Cardiovascular Problems May Be at Risk for Inflammation

Lower levels estrogen in menopausal women may increase the negative effects of lack of sleep.

Moderate Amounts of Vegetable Oil May Be Good for You

Using vegetable oil when cooking may promote a healthier heart.

Stressful Recollections May Increase Inflammation Risk

Thinking too much about past negative situations may take its toll on your health.

Monggo May Save You From Sepsis

A new study shows that the humble mung bean may protect you from a life-threatening condition.

Vitamin D Can Help Prevent Inflammation

Research shows that taking vitamin D could benefit patients with asthma, arthritis, and even prostate cancer.