Exercising is a must for everyone, but unfortunately, many tend to skip the habit due to tight schedules. If you have little free time from work or home responsibilities, it’s best to streamline your physical activities in order to get the best possible results.

A study on ScienceDaily.com reports that for people on the go, it’s recommended to do aerobic exercises instead of resistance exercises.

Aerobic, which is also known as “cardio,” is a relatively low intensity exercise and focuses more on endurance, lung and heart strengthening, as well as circulation efficiency. This includes jogging, cycling, swimming, and other activities that require you to go the distance. On the other hand, resistance training is a set of exercises that uses muscular contraction in order to build strength; this includes weightlifting, bodybuilding, and powerlifting.

In order to get to this conclusion, Duke University Medical Center exercise physiologist Leslie H. Willis and a team of North Carolina researchers worked with 234 sedentary and overweight volunteers from ages 18 to 70. They were separated into three exercise groups--aerobic training (AT), resistance training (RT), and a mix of aerobic and resistance training (AT/RT)--and were assigned to work out three times a week for eight months.

The results showed that those in the AT and AT/RT group lost more weight, fat mass, and waist circumference compared to those who were in the RT group, who actually gained weight due to an increase in lean body mass.

So if you’re always on the run, better start being literal about it. Not only are cardio exercises easier to fit in your schedule, but they’re also good in keeping you healthy and keeping those unwanted pounds off.

(Photo by Port of San Diego via Flickr Creative Commons)

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