The road to fitness is much, much easier to talk about than treaded on. It takes a lot of effort to push ourselves out of our comfy couches or beds, which is why some of us have resorted to splurging on gym memberships and pricey workout gear as a motivation to stay in shape.

The thing is, getting fit need not get you broke: if you’re really determined to stay in shape, you’ll find a way to stave all those calories off no matter what. And with hundreds of great workout videos that can be found on YouTube these days, you really have no excuse to not stay in shape. Don’t know where to start? Check out these five short but sweet workouts for every kind of girl out there.

1. For the Girly Girl: Blogilates’ The ULTIMATE Fashion Blogger Workout

Kikay girls looking for their fitness fix would adore Blogilates, a fun workout channel run by certified fitness instructor (and certified girly-girl) Cassey Ho. For this 15-minute workout, Cassey has teamed up with fashion blogger Chriselle Lim to come up with a fun routine for all fashionistas out there. Listen to these two gal pals tone their bods while talking about the latest trends in the video below.

2. For the Fitness Freak: TheDaily Hiit’s Fun And Hardcore Workout

TheDailyHiit offers a number of High Intensity Interval Training routines (“Hiit”), all guaranteed to whip your bod in shape. The words “workout” and “fun” don’t usually mix, so you’ve really got to admire Lisa-Marie’s effort to make it this short but seemingly excruciating workout as bearable as possible. If you’re looking for a quick but intense routine that’ll tone your whole bod, this one’s perfect for you.

3. For the New Mom: BeFit’s Baby Cellulite Blaster Workout

Let’s admit it: We’ve all envied Miranda Kerr for how quickly she got back into her gorgeous Victoria’s Secret bod just a few months after she gave birth to her adorable son with Orlando Bloom. While not all of us have the time (or the willpower) to spend long, torturous hours in the gym to get our pre-pregnancy figures back, this strategic lower body workout designed by BeFit’s fitness expert Tracey Mallett will have you saying “hello” to your old bod with regular repetition. Check it out below.

4. For Beach Babes: FitnessBlender’s Beach Body Workout

Summer may be months away, but that’s no excuse to let that bikini body you worked hard for go to waste! Make sure you’ll be rocking a swimsuit-ready figure all year round no matter where you are with this Bikini Body Workout performed by the svelte Kelli of FitnessBlender. Watch it below.

5. For on-the-go ladies:’s Two-Move Total-Body Workout

Got no time to watch a lengthy exercise video? Then’s short but sweet routines are perfect for you. Most of their demos run for around five minutes, making it perfect for busybodies. This video, for example, shows you how you can get a total body workout with just two simple moves and two dumbbells. Make sure you get your form down pat, and just repeat until necessary!

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