Who knew that we can actually control our dreams? Prevention.com reports that a free iPhone App called Dream:ON plays relaxing sounds that can soothe the mind into deep slumber—eventually creating perfect dreams for the listener.

The ingenius app was developed by psychologist and professor Richard Wiseman. Dream:ON won't drift you off to sleep, but it can monitor your sleep (how cool is that?) and detect when you start dreaming. That's when it skillfully cues soothing music to play in the background while you snooze off to dreamland.

What's really great about this is that having pleasant dreams could actually psych you up the following morning. On the other hand, nightmares may cause anxiety and bad moods the next day.

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Want to wake up refreshed the following morning? Why don't you give this app a try?

(Photo from Naomilingerie courtesy of Elizabeth Hanson via Pinterest)

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