Fly YogaInspired by the world-famous Cirque du Soleil, a new brand of yoga incorporates traditional poses with a specially designed hammock that guarantees gentle and low-impact sessions with maximum results.

Called Fly Yoga, this type of yoga works with gravity to find the practitioner's core connection and achieve lasting physical stability. Being suspended in the air also allows beginners to achieve proper balance, coordination, and alignment easier. And for experienced practitioners, Fly Yoga paves the way to overcoming difficult traditional yoga poses that may take a lifetime to perfect.


FTX Gym Fitness Exchange in Makati is the only fitness facility in the metro to offer Fly Yoga. All the mats and hammocks needed to do the poses are provided at FTX. All you have to do is to show up in your snug-fit shirt and soft pants. Clothing with zippers and buttons are not allowed, and all jewelry should be removed. Before the session starts, all students must wipe their feet with warm towels to ensure proper hygiene.

Each class, which lasts for an hour, starts with traditional sun salutations on the mat. The instructor then guides the group through a series of progressive poses, going from gentle to dynamic. This warm up synchronizes breathing and movement to prepare you for the actual Fly Yoga poses.


The key to fully experience Fly Yoga is to trust the hammock. The equipment serves as your support as you shift your weight and surrender to gravity. It's designed to carry about 3,000 pounds, so there's no reason to worry that it won't be able to take your weight.

Classes are conducted progressively at FTX. The first few sessions are for standing poses so you can learn to work with the equipment and find your core connection. Eventually, dynamic poses are added, and you shift more and more of your weight onto the hammock. The final stage involves aerial poses, meaning your entire body is suspended using the fabric.

Among the first poses you will be trying are the back stretch, forward stretch, chair, hip swing, and big toe postures. These are all from traditional yoga, varied to fit the Fly Yoga concept.


Fly Yoga gives a positive meaning to word "corpse." To cool down, you can lie in the hammock and meditate--also known as the aerial corpse pose. Let the gentle rocking of the fabric relax your mind and body. You can then come back down to the mat and take a few more deep breaths.

Whether you're looking to start a yoga practice or itching to amp up your existing one, you might want to give Fly Yoga a try. Check out some of the poses used in Fly Yoga by clicking through our gallery.

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(Photos by Jean Natividad)

FTX Gym Fitness Exchange also offers a number of dance classes, core workouts, and circuit training programs. Visit them at Unit 102 Three Salcedo Place, 123 Tordesillas St. (above UCPB Tordesillas) across Velasquez Park, Makati City. For inquiries, contact (0916) 270-1177 or email info[at] Log on to for more information.

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