There are probably times when you find it hard to sleep due to distractions that urge you to stay you up such as phones and computers. Electronics are a huge no-no if you’re trying to settle in, as the artificial light they emit keeps your brain awake, but if for some reason you can’t help but stay online and all else fails, here are ways that you can trick your psyche into getting that much needed shut-eye.

1. Breathe.
Calm down, relax every part of your body, and be totally mindful of your breathing. Don’t focus on the act of falling asleep. Instead, put your full attention on gently inhaling and exhaling. Once your body completely relaxes, you’ll easily slip into a deep slumber.

2. Stop counting sheep.
According to science, the long standing-belief of counting sheep to fall asleep is not true. A study from the University of Oxford featured on The New York Times says that counting fluffy animals jumping over fences is more likely to keep you distracted and awake than not doing anything at all. So instead of this, opt for other imagery, which brings us to the next technique…

3. Think of relaxing images.
Visualize a place that you find relaxing and calming. Create a scenario that will allow you to let go of any other thoughts that can cause anxiety. If you can, think of a good memory that calms you down and makes you smile—like the last time you napped in a hammock at a quiet beach. Evoking emotions of tranquillity brought about by a past event can help your brain quiet down.

4. If you really must count, do it backwards.
There’s a reason why hypnotherapists opt for clients to count backwards to relax the mind. According to WebMD, counting from 100 to one, or even from 1,000 to one in multiples of three, can quiet your brain. It doesn’t really matter if you reach “one”. As you focus on your goal of completing the sequence, your rhythmic counting can put you into a state of calm and will eventually allow you to sleep.

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIF: Giphy

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