Sometimes, seemingly easy exercises prove to be the most challenging. In this second set of basic core exercises, The Peninsula Manila trainer Argie Samson shows us that you can't judge a book by its cover. For weekend warriors who don't really have a habit of exercising, these moves may be just what you need to get you motivated!

Check out the first set of basic core exercises here. See the second set below:


Step 1: Lie on a mat with both feet flat. Keep your hands at your sides.

Step 2: Raise your pelvis upward while keeping both feet planted on the ground. Repeat.

Difficulty level: 3/5


Step 1: Lie on your side. Slowly, raise yourself up, with one arm supporting your weight and another on your hip. Hold the position for as long as you can.

Difficulty level: 4/5


Step 1: Start from a plank position with your elbows close to your sides and directly below your shoulders. Keep your toes tucked inward. Use both arms to raise yourself up while keeping your legs straight.

Step 2: Return to relaxed plank position and repeat.

Difficulty level: 4/5


Step 1: Lie down on your stomach, and raise your arms and legs outward.

Step 2: Lower your limbs, but keep them at least a few inches above the ground. Repeat.

Difficulty level: 2/5


Step 1: Start from a quadruped position. Raise one arm up to the level of your face along with an opposite leg. Keep your knee slightly bent.

Step 2: Lower your limbs, but don't rest them completely. Raise them back up and repeat.

Difficulty level: 4/5

(All watermarked photos by Mike Dee; flashbox photo from Charis Williams via Pinterest; edited by Jennifer Chan)

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