Are your cravings getting in the way of your diet goals? As much as you want to stick to your get-fit routine, there are temptations everywhere–at the mall, on the street, in the office, and even at home–but you can curb your appetite as long as you remember these tips.

Avoid mindless grazing.
Whether you’re bored, stressed, or stuck in a rut, stay away from random snacking. If you must eat, at least stay away from salty foods. They won't just make you feel bloated, but raise your blood pressure as well. And don't get us started on sweets! They might satiate your cravings for a little while, but they'll also lead to sugar crash–an effect that's similar to a hangover.

Stay away from your triggers.
If your morning commute requires you to pass by that cute, little cupcake shop by the corner, then consider taking a different route. It’s easier to avoid temptation rather than wage an internal battle with yourself. #TheStruggleIsReal.

Distract yourself.
Look for an activity that can help you take your mind off your cravings–a walk, a warm bath, or even a phone call to a friend.

Indulge once in awhile
…but limit your servings to a reasonable portion. Instead of buying six cookies, take home two or three. That way, you’re not too deprived of the things that you want to eat.

Brush your teeth.
Yes, you heard that right. Keeping your mouth minty fresh can control your cravings. Molly Gee, a registered dietician from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston says, "When you have a fresh, clean mouth, you don’t want to mess it up."

Start a food journal.
Writing down the things you eat on a daily basis reminds you of what and how much you ate. If you see that you’ve been eating one or two doughnuts a day, it's definitely a wake-up call. Eating too much sugar can make you feel insatiable hunger.

Think before you eat.
When craving hits, wait for about 10 minutes and ask yourself, if you're really hungry or you just want to munch on something. If you need to de-stress, chew gum instead of mindlessly grazing (See point #1).

Eat smart.
If you can’t resist the urge to nibble, look for snack alternatives that are filling yet healthy. Your best bet? Freshly cut fruits or nuts like almonds.

Start the day with a healthy breakfast.
Eating a balanced meal first thing in the morning can and will affect your food consumption throughout the whole day. According to a research from the University of Missouri in the US, eating a healthy breakfast, especially one high in protein, increases satiety and reduces hunger throughout the day.


PHOTO: EatThisBeef/Flickr Creative Commons, GIFS: Giphy

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