Flying solo can have its ups and downs. Either way, it’s not something you should burden yourself with. It could be a time to nurture your career, learn a lot about yourself, and you can go out with your guy friends without having to notify anyone (well, it's always good to have a girlfriend know where you are, though!)


Single ladies, you can definitely relate to these on a certain level:

When you think of your ex in the middle of the night:


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When you suddenly regret having drinks with your friends because this happens:

girl you better pray, PRAY, that i give you another shot next weekend - now go think but what you did ... shame.

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When he friendzones you:

story of my life

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When you want to go out and meet guys but you’re tamad:

Late night.

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When you’re determined to date but you’re shy:

When you believe that self-love is more important:

When it's girls’ night out:

When you dump him after finding out he cheated:

Left side JLO, ALWAYS!!

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When he tries to sneak back into your life:

When you remember you haven’t met the one yet:

When you realize that being single is better than settling:


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