1. You have pizza all to yourself. This also applies to French fries, chips, and cookies.


2. You don't need to reply to texts like, "San ka na?" Because you're your own boss.

3. No one will mind if you don't shave your legs.

4. You can enjoy a Friday night watching Koreanovelas in your ratty pambahay.

5. You don't need to spend on dates and anniversary gifts. More savings means more shopping for you.

6. Your phone bills won't be that expensive, too. No long fights over the phone!

7. When dining out, you don't need to adjust if some *person* hates Japanese food. What kind of creature hates sushi???

8. You can go out with your girl friends until the wee hours without getting anyone furious.


9. Hanging out with guy friends won't be a problem, too! No one will get jealous over your bros.

10. Spontaneous road trips won't be an issue, too.

11. Giving up your personal space won't be a problem. It's too hot to be next to anyone in this summer weather.

12. You get to fan girl about your crushes (celebrity or non-celeb), and no one can take it against you.


13. Discerning about major decisions like getting a job abroad would be a breeze.

14. You like the excitement of dating someone new.

15. But when it fails, you can just shake it off and go back to pizza.

16. You can survive listening to love songs without associating it with a certain individual. *Cringes*

17. As you get older, the dating pool becomes less appealing. You're not a fan of liars and d**ckheads.

18. The words "commitment" and "love" make your spine shiver.


19. You are not bothered by comments about your "expiring" uterus. People should just mind their own business, really.

20. You simply enjoy your me-time. Don't get affected by what other people will say. There is nothing wrong with being single! Enjoy your freedom!

SCREENCAP: How to Be Single/Warner Bros Pictures (2016); GIFs: Giphy

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