The pelvic floor is a group of muscles attached to the bones of your pelvic and is what gives you proper control over your bladder and your bowels. According to Lauren Roxburgh, Goop's go-to fascia and structural integrative specialist, it's also one of the body's primary stress containers. Whenever you're stressed out about a deadline at the office or personal drama in your relationship, you can't help but clench it. Eventually, "the pelvic floor gets stuck, disconnected, weak, and loses tone."

Learn to unclench those muscles, however, and you just might find yourself more relaxed than you've ever been in a long time, just as Redbook's Kayla Keegan discovered when she went to her physical therapist to have her pelvic floor released.

For the uninitiated, it involves being "hooked up to muscle-activity measuring probes, taking deep breaths, and trying to relax my pelvic floor muscles." It's not as strange an experience as you might think. It was during the session that Keegan learned that she had a high-tone pelvic floor, which was most likely caused by overclenching and stress (FYI: a low-tone pelvic floor, a.k.a. loose muscles, could be caused by childbirth or time). After that appointment—and following few regular exercises—she also found that her stress went away more and more each day.

"I always knew that stress was unhealthy, but it took having my pelvic floor released to truly realize that I didn't need to experience Armageddon to be productive," she wrote. "Having my pelvic floor released and continuing to take those 20 minutes has allowed me to recollect myself, prioritize my life, and see what is truly the most important: my health and my body."

Aside from helping you control your excretory functions and helping you deal with stress better, having a strong pelvic floor also eases back pain, improves your sex life, and gives you a flat tummy! Curious? Ask your doctor about it today.

PHOTO: Instagram @goop

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