Mindfulness is being present at the moment, facing each instance with little to know judgment, and taking things as they are. Some people are born mindful, while some train to achieve it by meditating or using techniques to center themselves. ScienceDaily.com reports that being in this state may create individuals who are more stable emotionally and who experience less mental stress.

Researchers from the University of Utah recruited 38 participants for the study, whose ages ranged from 20 to 45 years. At the beginning of the two-day trial, they were asked to answer several questionnaires and go through psychological and cognitive evaluations in order to create a baseline assessment of their emotional and mental states.

The participants were then asked to wear a cardiac impedance monitor while answering questions regarding their moods and behaviors several times within the 48-hour time frame. This was repeated at the end of each day in order to measure how mentally and physiologically stimulated they were prior to sleeping.

The results showed that individuals who were more mindful had better control over their moods and emotions, and showed less pre-sleep anxieties.

Being mindful of your emotions and behaviors isn’t easy, especially if the world comes at you at all sides at the same time. Giving yourself breaks may help you find your center in the midst of the chaos of your workday. At the end of each day, try to meditate and think about all the positive things that have happened instead on focusing on the negative. Keeping a calm perspective in life and knowing that everything is as it should be can help you achieve mindfulness and better health.

(Photo by Caleb Roenigk via Flickr Creative Commons)

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