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Staying Up Late May Affect the Emotional and Mental Growth of Teens

Parents should encourage their children to sleep early for better academic and emotional development.

Help Teens Lose Weight by Improving Their Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Achieving weight loss and total wellness isn't just about exercising and dieting.

Distancing Yourself from Tragedies May Help You Heal Faster

Putting some space between you and your pain may help you come to terms with your problems.

Having Little Physical Activity at Age 18 May Increase Suicide Risk Later on in Life

Swedish researchers reveal an interesting link between exercise and our emotional development.

Family Dinners May Promote Better Mental Health in Adolescents

Although food has great impact on a teen's well-being, the company she also eats with matters.

Mindfulness May Help You Achieve Wellness

Finding your inner peace can radiate in all aspects of your life, and keep you mentally, emotionally, and physically stable.

Writing Down Emotions May Be Counterproductive for Newly Separated Couples

Sometimes, reading about your emotional rollercoaster on paper may cause more damage than healing.

Philippines Ranked the Most Emotional Country in the World

60 percent of respondents from the Philippines said they have felt at least one emotion recently.

Your Psychological State May Physically Affect Your Child

A new study shows that children whose mothers experienced mental imbalances after birth are more prone to develop health problems themselves.

New Study: Your Toxic Work Environment Could Be Killing You

Research shows having little support from your co-workers can increase your risk of death.