Your child’s asthma isn’t just your concern; it’s hers, too. It may not be such a bad idea then to encourage her to speak up during your visits to the doctor; according to a study featured in MedicalNewsToday, parents tend to view their kid’s respiratory condition differently from the child’s actual experience.

Researchers from UT Kids San Antonio and the Center for Airway Inflammation Research asked 79 asthmatic children and their caregivers to answer a questionnaire assessing their quality of life. The results showed that kids did not see the condition as debilitating as much the caregivers did, highlighting the importance of including children in discussions regarding their health.

“Encouraging an environment where children can talk freely with their caregiver is important, and can start with allowing the child to participate in the office visit,” says lead author Margaret Burks, M.D. “It is important that children feel that their response to their disease is valued, not only by their physician but by their caregiver, as well."


(Photo by whologwhy via Flickr Creative Commons)

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