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Fathers' Weight May Affect Children's Obesity Risk

Researchers reveal the link between children's sugar and fat processing abilities and their fathers' body weight and overall health.

Inflated Praises May Do More Damage to Children with Low Self-Esteem

Children who are not confident about themselves may shy away from challenges after receiving exaggerated compliments.

High Vitamin D Levels in Pregnant Women May Improve Children's Muscle Health

Expectant women should regularly take vitamin D to help their children develop muscle strength.

New Study Warns Against Drinking Raw Milk

Researchers believe that drinking unpasteurized milk may not be as healthy as you think.

Playing with Other Kids May Help Children with Autism

Interacting with other kids is important for the social development of autistic children.

Depression in Pregnant Women May Be Passed On to Their Children

According to research, expecting moms with depression may affect their babies' psychological health.

Stressed Parents May Be More Likely to Have Obese Kids

New research reveals that the anxieties you pass on to your children may be prompting them to eat more.

Messy Mealtimes May Help Your Baby Learn Faster

Cleaning up those gooey baby food spills may be worth the effort.

Taking Breaks between Sedentary Hours May Lower Disease Risk in Kids

Parents need to interrupt their kids' long hours of watching TV or playing video games to keep weight-related diseases at bay.

Garlic May Protect Infants from Deadly Bacteria

Compounds found in this bulb may protect infants from infection.

Industrial Air Emissions Linked to Congenital Heart Defects in Babies

High levels of air pollution may affect the developing heart of your unborn child.

Ample Sleep May Help Manage Children's Weight, Says Study

Getting enough rest every night may lessen your child's daily calorie intake.

Join UNICEF Auction for Action 2013!

Bid for your favorite pieces and help give kids access to early learning.

A Chaotic Household May Cause Poor Health in Children

Kids need more than proper diet and enough physical activity to be healthy.