Many people assume that going organic is going to be expensive. Following the law of supply and demand, that is probably true. But there are other ways to go organic without breaking the bank. Check out our suggestions below:

1. Start your own garden.

Organic vegetables may cost more than regular ones at the supermarket, but we doubt you’ll charge the same competitive price in your own garden! Start with something simple like tomatoes, basil, and beans. Don’t have a lot of outdoor space? Follow Country Living’s instructions for building vertical gardens!

2. Buy local.

Since you can’t source everything from your garden (yet), you can get your supply of organic vegetables and poultry from other organic growers in your neighborhood. Check out Saturday and Sunday markets for potential suppliers. has a comprehensive list here. Is there an organic farm relatively near you? Pay the owners a visit!

3. Eat in season.

As with regular fruits and vegetables, organic produce also have their seasons. Buying off season will undoubtedly cost you more, so try to plan your menu around Mother Nature’s mood.

4. Buy in bulk.

Just like ordinary groceries, you can also get discounts when you buy in bulk. We know what you’re thinking--organic products don’t exactly have a long shelf life so why buy for the long-term? The answer? You're actually saving a couple more pesos in the long run! After all, you’re buying in bulk because you’ll be dividing the goods among your other health-conscious friends!

(Photo by Mike Linksvayer via Flickr Creative Commons)

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