It's not just how long you exercise that matters in the battle against obesity--motivation does, too.

In a recent study on Science Daily, researchers from the University of Copenhagen looked into other ways of losing weight beyond going to the gym or running a few laps. They asked more than 60 slightly overweight but otherwise healthy men to undergo a weight loss program for 13 weeks. Some of the volunteers exercised for thirty minutes a day, while others exercised for an hour.

Interestingly, those who exercised less on a daily basis lost an average of 3.6 kg, while those who exercised twice as much only lost 2.7 kg. Researchers explained that those who exercised for 30 minutes had more energy to move even after the workout session, as compared with those who exercised for an hour.

"The subjects in the test group that exercised the least talk about increased energy levels and a higher motivation for exercising and pursuing a healthy everyday life. In contrast, the men who exercised for one hour a day, after training, felt exhausted, demotivated and less open to making a healthy change," associate professor Astrid Jespersen explains.

Of course, this doesn't mean that you have to limit yourself to working out for only 30 minutes a day. Whether you exercise for less or more than an hour is up to you, just as long as you still have enough energy for the rest of your day.

(Photo by João Trindade via Flickr Creative Commons)

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