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A Sedentary Lifestyle May Result in Early Death Among Women

Being active may drastically lower the risk of disease and death among women.

Being Physically Active May Lower Chronic Disease Risk

Leaving your chair often may help improve your metabolism and overall health.

An Extra 2,000 Steps a Day May Help Lower Your Heart Attack Risk

Choosing to walk may help reduce your risk of heart attack by 10 percent.

Altitude Training Only Works at Certain Heights

Researchers found that the optimum altitude for training athletes falls between 2,000 meters and 2,500 meters.

Regular Exercise May Help Improve Your Cardiorespiratory Fitness

You don't have to be obese or overweight to benefit from regular physical activity.

Getting Physical Even at an Advanced Age May Be Beneficial

New research reveals that regularly exercising at least once a week may promote healthy aging.

Exercising Boosts Creativity, Says Study

Exercising at least four times a week may not only keeps you physically healthy, but also mentally alert.

Exercising While Expecting May ImproveYour Child's Vascular Function

Moderate physical activity may benefit both the expectant mother and her unborn child.

DIY Activities May Lower Risk of Heart Problems in Older Adults

Remaining active in your older years may help you fight off life-threatening conditions.

Exercise May Help Protect the Brain from Deterioration

Researchers reveal that endurance training increases the production of a molecule called irisin, which helps keep the brain healthy.

Housework May Not Be Enough to Keep You Lean, Study Says

Doing chores is good exercise-just don't overestimate its effect.

Marathons May Cause Heart Injury in Amateur Runners

It's important to be physically prepared before signing up for a long-distance run to avoid potential heart problems.

A Multi-Disciplinary Fitness Approach May Promote Weight Loss

You can lose excess pounds even if you exercise for only 30 minutes in a day provided that you have a healthy mind-set.

Physical Activity May Boost Kids' Learning Abilities

Letting your child exercise through sports or play may improve his brain function.

Exercise May Have Moderate Antidepessant Effects

A quick stop at the gym once in a while may keep depression at bay.

Help Teens Lose Weight by Improving Their Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Achieving weight loss and total wellness isn't just about exercising and dieting.