Love eating bacon and other fatty foods? Now may be a good time to cut back on them. According to a new study featured on Science Daily, following a high-fat diet, especially during your growing up years, may increase your risk of breast cancer later on in life.

Researchers from Michigan State University found that saturated animal fat may not only accelerate breast cancer development, but also produce a certain gene signature in tumors which are often associated with basal-like breast cancer—an aggressive type of cancer that normally occurs in younger women.


“It is important to note that since our experimental model did not involve any weight gain from the high fat diet, these findings are relevant to a much broader segment of the population than just those who are overweight,” says study co-author Richard Schwartz.

He further adds that the effects of a high-fat diet are far-reaching, and may remain even if a person switches to a low-fat diet later on in life.

Still, it's better to change your unhealthy habits now than never. Review your lifestyle, and ask your doctor what else you can do to keep your health in good condition.

(Photo by shardayyy via Flickr Creative Commons)

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