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Is Your Diet Doing Damage to Your Breasts?

Here's another reason you should think twice before ordering that burger-and-fries combo.

Tomatoes May Protect Postmenopausal Women from Breast Cancer

Proteins and other compounds found in tomatoes may help regulate hormone levels, fatty acids, and glucose in older women.

Exercise May Help Lessen Joint Pain in Breast Cancer Patients

Regular physical activity like strength training and aerobics may go a long way.

Glenda Garcia a Source of Inspiration as She Battles Cancer

The actress maintains a positive outlook despite being diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer.

A High-Cholesterol Diet May Lead to Breast Cancer, Says Study

Metabolized cholesterol releases a by-product that may act as fuel for tumor growth.

A High-Fat Diet during Puberty May Increase Breast Cancer Risk

Avoiding fatty meals during your younger years may save you from aggressive forms of cancer.

A Combination of Organic Compounds May Kill Breast Cancer Cells

Researchers reveal that six compounds from different fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices may suppress breast cancer cells with no toxic side effects.