Jetlag can be a b*tch! It can be the sole culprit behind sleeping through most of the day on that much-anticipated trip, leaving you tired and feeling like you’ve wasted so much time. But while your body clock can have problems adjusting to different time zones when you travel, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to combat being so sleepy during the day and very, very much awake at night. To avoid drowsing off in the middle of your breakfast (or when you’re in a very important meeting), take note of these simple tips:

Before you travel:
1. Get enough rest before your flight.
2. Know that traveling to the east will be more difficult since you need to advance your body clock (compared to delaying it when traveling to the west).
3. Don’t forget to pack a sleep kit (complete with earplugs, an eye mask, soothing scents, and an inflatable pillow). Having these items on hand during a flight will help you catch more Z’s.

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During the flight:
1. Avoid drinking alcohol since it can increase tiredness.
2. Don’t drink coffee, caffeinated beverages, and energy drinks.
3. Move around to keep your blood circulation in check.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination:
1. Give yourself some time to adjust. Studies show that the human body can adjust up to two time zones per day.
2. Bask under the sun. Daylight helps trigger the hormonal cycle that will make you sleepy at the appropriate time.
3. Do some exercises to boost your endorphins.

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