bad_habits.jpgAccording to this Discovery News article, new research has shown that combining the bad habits of smoking, binge drinking, no exercise, and not eating enough fruits and vegetables can age you by 12 years.

Based on a 20-year study involving almost 5,000 British adults, findings suggest that people who habitually smoke tobacco, consume multiple alcoholic beverages daily (more than three drinks for men and more than two for women), engage in less than two hours of exercise a week, and eat fruits and vegetables less than three times a day are at risk of shortening their lifespan by over a decade.

In the study, 314 participants practiced all four of these bad habits—and 29 percent of this particular group died within the 20-year study period. Cancer and heart disease were among the most common causes of death.

If you yourself are guilty of these dangerous habits, here are four tips to help you get healthy.


If not now, then when? Gone are the days when smoking was considered sophisticated—now, it’s just a one-way train to all kinds of cancer. Put down that cigarette!


A nightcap after a long, stressful day at work may seem like the perfect way to relieve tension, but truth be told, that daily inch or so of hard liquor on the rocks will eventually catch up with you. Keep you liver intact—try not to drink unless you’re celebrating something special, like the dawn of a new year!


You don’t have to sign up for an expensive gym just to get access to a treadmill. If you can reach a certain destination in 15 minutes or less, why not go by foot? This not only lets you squeeze in some daily cardio—it also saves the environment from the noxious gases your car would emit!


If for some reason you can’t manage to include fruits and veggies in every meal, at least consume them during snack time. Munch on celery sticks or an apple instead of the ubiquitous bag of chips, and grab a bottle of fruit juice in lieu of a soda can when feeling parched. A more balanced diet will definitely aid you in becoming more fitness-forward.

For more details on this study, read the full article on Discovery News.

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