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Smoking May Worsen Your Vision

Cigarette smoking can cause a number of eye problems, including cataract.

Social Media May Make Quitting Smoking Easier

An online support group may provide the motivation you need to keep you from lighting a stick.

Smoking May Affect Sleep, Says Study

According to research, every cigarette you smoke subtracts more than a minute from your total number of sleeping hours.

Smoking and Obesity May Affect Medication Potency

Smoking is bad for your health. However for obese people, it could also prove fatal.

Obese Smokers May Have a Higher Heart Disease Risk

Smoking is one thing, but being overweight may cause you additional heath problems.

Exposure to Thirdhand Smoke May Cause DNA Deterioration

Compounds from thirdhand smoke cling to surfaces that may cause cellular damage overtime.

Prenatal Exposure to Cigarette Smoke May Increase Addiction Risk in Children

A recent study shows that nicotine may affect a baby's brain formation, blunting his or her sense or satisfaction once he or she gets older.

Smokers Have Higher Mortality Rate than Nonsmokers

According to research, smoking-related deaths continue to decrease despite advances in cardiovascular medicine.

Quitting Cigarettes? Vitamin E May Help Speed Up Your Healing Process

A recent study says that taking vitamin E supplements may help former smokers recover from the physical damage faster.

Kick The Cigarette Habit By Walking, Says Study

Researchers recommend young smokers to take moderately long walks to lessen the urge to light a stick.