one_wall_one_world_this_wall.jpgThe smog-ridden city of Makati is slowly but surely cleaning up its act—when it comes to the air supply, that is. Thanks to the advanced technology behind Boysen KNOxOUT paint, which has been proven to absorb eight cars’ worth of polluting emissions per square meter painted, Makati officials are beautifying and purifying their city at the same time—just by coloring its walls!

Boysen KNOxOUT is at the core of Manila’s “One Wall One World” campaign, which seeks to rid our air supply of noxious fumes and gases by painting the walls of buildings, houses, schools, and other establishments with this air-cleansing paint. Operating under the “Green Walls” initiative, which repaints the walls of the busiest, most polluted streets in Makati, the “One Wall One World” campaign is determined in the long-run to cover every wall in the city and make it a better place to breathe.

For now, the project aims to repaint the stretch of walls from Lawton Avenue in Barangay Cembo, J.P. Rizal to Kalayaan Gate One. This may seem like a daunting task, but with enough volunteers, anything is possible. Last December, a group of local artists even banded together and painted an extensive mural along the Marikina Riverbanks using the world’s first-ever anti-pollution paint—a small but definite step in a more detoxified direction.

one_wall_one_world_people_painting.jpgIf you are interested in knowing more about the campaign, log on to and watch the Boysen KNOxOUT video. The site also tells you exactly how you can help out by volunteering a wall, your time, or donating paint.

Imagine what one person, one wall, and one can of this revolutionary paint can do for the environment—and then multiply that by an entire city’s population. If each of us does our part to decontaminate our community, we could have cleaner air and a greener world in no time.

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