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Air Pollution May Increase Risk of Heart Issues

A recent study shows how air pollution may greatly affect your health.

Continuous Exposure to Air Pollution May Increase Heart Failure and Lung Cancer Risk

Both your heart and your lungs may be affected by the dirty air that you breathe in.  

Air Pollution May Trigger Thickening of Arteries, Study Says

Exposing yourself to high amounts of air particulates may have negative effects on your blood vessels.

Air Pollution May Cause Cockroach Allergies

The air you breathe may cause a number of different health concerns for your child.

Jogging In Polluted Urban Areas May Mentally Slow You Down

Your body may be getting a proper workout, but your brain isn't.

Tobacco Trip: Smoking in Your Vehicle Can Greatly Harm Your Child

Exposing your child to as little as ten minutes of a smoke-filled car ride may have dangerous repercussions.

Breathing Easy: Clean Air May Help Older Adults Keep a Sharp Mind

As you grow older, air pollution won't just get you all sneezy; it may even affect your brain cells.

Air Pollution May Have Lasting Effects on Children

Infants exposed to air pollution may grow up with weaker lungs, a new study says.

Take Vitamin C to Reduce Harmful Effects of Air Pollution

Research suggests Vitamin C may act as your shield against coarse particulates.

Air Pollution May Trigger Lung Cancer, Says Study

Researchers reveal that breathing in toxins on a daily basis may increase your risk of developing the Big C.

Paint It Green: The ”?"One Wall One World” Campaign and Makati's Air-Cleansing Paint

Find out how the city is combating air pollution and purifying its air supply one wall at a time.