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Industrial Air Emissions Linked to Congenital Heart Defects in Babies

High levels of air pollution may affect the developing heart of your unborn child.

Air Pollution May Increase Risk of Heart Issues

A recent study shows how air pollution may greatly affect your health.

Pollutants in Your Food May Have Long-Term Negative Health Effects

Researchers believe that the cocktail of pollutants in your food may eventually cause insulin and hormone imbalances.

Continuous Exposure to Air Pollution May Increase Heart Failure and Lung Cancer Risk

Both your heart and your lungs may be affected by the dirty air that you breathe in.  

Air Pollution May Trigger Thickening of Arteries, Study Says

Exposing yourself to high amounts of air particulates may have negative effects on your blood vessels.

Asthma in Children Attributed to Traffic Pollution

Where you live may directly affect your child's respiratory health, a recent study says.

Prenatal Exposure to Pollution May Lead to Behavioral Problems in Kids

Attention, expectant mothers! Research shows one reason to avoid going into a polluted environment is that it may cause depression and anxiety in your kids later in life.

10 Facts You Should Know (But May Wish You Didn't) about the Environment

Ever think about how what you do affects the environment? How we're faring on the green scale? Check out these eco-factoids!

Paint It Green: The ”?"One Wall One World” Campaign and Makati's Air-Cleansing Paint

Find out how the city is combating air pollution and purifying its air supply one wall at a time.