1. Skincare is serious business.

During your younger years, you paid attention to your skincare products only after seeing a zit emerging. But now that in your 30s, you know that your skin acts up instantly when you miss layering moisturizer the night before or what happens when you neglect to wash your face before hitting the sheets.


2. It's vital to preserve what you have right now.

That said, anti-aging becomes the name of the game. It's recommended that you start your anti-aging beauty routine in your 20s, but if you're just starting now, it's totally fine. Remember to add serums, eye creams, and night creams loaded with ingredients that keep your skin glowing, flawless, and plump. Look out for hyaluronic acid, BHA and AHA, and retinol in the label.

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3. Sunscreen rules.

Applying an invisible sun shield to your face and body is the vital step in keeping your skin from looking like raisin. UVA rays cause aging, and UVB rays burn your skin. Also, neglecting this habit can be fatal—prolonged, unprotected exposure to the sun can make you prone to getting skin cancer.

4. It's not all about being glam anymore.

Smokey eyes, matte foundation, on fleek brows, and bombshell waves—those elements composed our former makeup looks. Now, you tend to go for what looks effortless. Since you're focusing on taking care of your skin, you're confident to go out even without foundation. You're okay with just having filled brows and a swipe of lipstick on low-key days. But of course, you still know that you can go all out when there's a special occassion!


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5. You're not into rules anymore.

You've been hearing rules about your skin tone being a major factor in wearing certain shades of makeup. Girl, the only time that your skin tone matters is when you're finding a foundation and concealer match. Honestly, screw color rules. If you're confident, flaunt it! As the older folk always say, "Nasa nagdadala lang iyan!" Do what you want and what you think works for you. Go ahead and wear bright lipstick if you want to!

6. You work with what you have.

Gone are the days of you pressuring yourself to look like a celeb. Sure, you still get inspired by their current hair or makeup looks, but you know the extent that you can copy what they do. And we won't deny that we idolize Korean beauty standards more than ever, but we don't force ourselves to be pale as them.

While thick and full kilay is still very attractive, we've accepted that our overtweezed brows may grow back, but they won't be as lush as Bea Alonzo's. You've also mastered how to care for your hair's natural texture (Headline: Goodbye, rebonding). You've finally learn to love your natural beauty, and at the same time, to take risks with it, too.


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