You've probably already read about this a number of times in our past articles, pero ang pagiging wais sa pera is something that every Pinay should prioritize, what ever your source of income... not just because you have donya dreams, but also because you'll actually get to enjoy your money more when you're responsible with it. And while a lot of women may have had a few financial mistakes in their early 20s (much like this writer), know that your 30s is your chance to begin being masinop with your suweldo.


Here is a checklist of things you can do para magkaroon ka ng savings by the time you hit your 30s. If you've already done some of them, then you still have a lot of time to plan for the rest, but if you've already done all, then just keep on doing what you're doingat least you can rest easy should a rainy day come:

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1. Mag bukas ng savings account

This is probably one of the most basic things you can do with your money. A savings account is basically just a safe place kung saan mo pwede ilagay ang pera mo. Most people have it para hindi nila magastos ang naitabi nilang pera, thinking that keeping cash will entice them to spend more.

FN Tip: Kung nais mo maiwasan na magastos ang pera na nasa iyong savings account, don't get an ATM card, at mag withdraw ka nalang over the counter. 


Ang pera na naka store sa isang savings account ay kumikita ng interest per year pero usually, maliit lang ang interest rate nito. While you shouldn't rely on a savings account kung nais mo yumaman, mahalaga padin na magkaroon ng savings account, as aside from having a safe place to keep your money, makaka gawa ka ng bank records, which are important in many applications and transactions, including getting travel visas. 

2. Magtabi ng pera para sa emergency fund

Ang emergency fund mo ay iba pa dapat sa savings mo, at ito ay hindi dapat magalaw. It's said that you should set aside an amount that can tide you over for a year in case magkaroon ng emergency and you get financially compromised. Pwede mo ilagay ang emergency fund mo sa savings account mo, but it's also good to be liquid. Being liquid means you actually have cash on hand, especially during times of calamity dahil may mga pagkakataong hindi ka makatatakbo sa bangko para mag-withdraw. 


3. Kumuha ng life insurance

It's actually best to have life insurance early, since the younger and healthier you are, the less the cost that you have to pay. Depende sa lifestyle and earnings mo, puwede ka pumili between two life insurance types: term, which basically requires you to pay premium sa loob ng isang panahondepende sa package na pipiliin mo; or whole, which is most of your insurance-investment offerings that you need to pay for continuously.

Both have their pros and cons: ang term life insurance ay mas mura kaysa sa whole, specifically because there's no savings/insurance aspect to it. Once the term is done, though, so is your coverage, and you don't get any money back. Kung kukuha ka ng another package, the price might be higher as you've already become older. 

May iba na mas prefer nila ang term life insurance since aside from the price, hindi sila naka lock in sa isang provider. Moreover, puwede pa nila ilagay ang extra money nila sa ibang kind of investment; it does come out more economical than whole life insurance, and your returns are often bigger.


Ang whole life insurance naman ay mas mahal, at kailangan mo ito laging bayaran, or at least until your investment can pay for the premium itself. Ang maganda dito ay hindi lalaki ang amount na kailangan mong bayaran for your premium through the years; the con is that as an insurance vehicle, it won't earn as much as other low-risk options such as bonds. 

4. Enjoy your money

We get it. All these tips to become financially free can be a bit overwhelming, but while manuevering through everything, mahalaga padin na ma-enjoy mo ang pera mo. Pinaghirapan mo ito, so why shouldn't you have fun with it? Mag tabi ng pera para sa leisurely pursuits, may it be a new hobby or your next out-of-the-country trip, or even a product that you know na magpapa saya sa iyo. The point for all the wealth-growing is para hindi ka mag worry about your money, kahit sa panahon na kailangan mo mag labas ng malaking pera, so take time to actually appreciate the fruits of your labor.


H/T: Everygirl

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