Working your way to the top of the corporate ladder is well and good, but even the staunchest of career women need to take a break, too! Here, 10 signs that you’re working yourself to the ground.

1. You no longer remember what your bedroom looks like.Because every time you come home, you usually just fall face flat on the bed.
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2. You’ve gained a few pounds and then some.Stress eating is a very real thing. You may not notice it, but that’s actually your second bag of chips today!
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3. Or you’re suddenly two dress sizes smaller.
It's not by choice though; it's just that you've been way too busy to eat properly lately. (via Giphy)

4. The guard thinks you work the night shift.Because you’re always the last person to go home.
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5. The thought of going on a vacation actually makes you want to cry.It’s like the impossible dream at this point.
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6. The only time you actually leave your table is to get more coffee.Or to go to the restroom because coffee is, you know, diuretic.
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7. Your relationship suffers.
Working too much can put a strain on even the best of relationships. (via Giphy)


8. You’re no longer in touch with the outside word.
Yes, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are actually a thing. Yes, they're married, and yes, they're parents! (via Giphy)

9. Your last social media update was more than a month ago.In fact, you've forgotten how it all works. (via Giphy)

10. You hardly recognize yourself in the mirror.
Oh hello! Bet you didn’t know you look like that now. (via Giphy)

(Flash photo by Brianne via Flickr Creative Commons)

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