Just when you thought dating dilemmas couldn’t get much worse, there’s now a new trend every woman should be aware about.  

You’ve probably already heard about benching or leading someone on by seeing them frequently enough to keep them interested, but not often enough to be able to define your relationship as dating; ghosting, which obviously means disappearing out of the blue and without a trace, and breadcrumbing, or the art of giving someone just the right amount of attention through small gestures like text messages or Facebook comments to keep their hopes up that you might be interested in pursuing them (which is pretty much the lowest form of benching). Now, we have what others call curving. Intrigued? So are we.

So what is it exactly?

According to an essay by Brittany Cox, curving is when a guy keeps responding to your text messages and calls but chooses to ignore your questions about commitment or changes the topic when you ask them to define the relationship you two really have. Simply put, he has no intention of following through but doesn't say it. Instead, he'll try to distract you and get you to talk about something else.


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That’s why ladies, if you want to protect yourselves from getting hurt, always guard your heart and keep your emotions in check. We’re not saying you have to put up a wall around yourself, you just have to refrain from giving too much of yourself to every guy who shows interest in you. Remember to take things slow, and when you’re with the right guy at the right time, things will fall into place perfectly.

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