Part of your job as a parent is to push your kids to achieve. But overdoing it may put too much pressure on them, which can lead to burnout or other emotional issues that will ultimately work against your goal of academic excellence.

What are your expectations when it comes to your kids' performance at school? As a parent, you naturally want your kids to succeed, but how much pressure is too much? Overdoing it may result in highly stressed kids who may constantly live in fear of disappointing you or facing punishment for failing.

Today’s world is starting to be very competitive, and setting expectations that are too high for your children to achieve--be it in their studies or in sports--may damage their emotional well-being when they fail to meet them. Read on to learn what you can do to raise kids who are academically fulfilled.

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(First published in Good Housekeeping Magazine, Good Family Section as "Teacher Says" in August 2008; adapted for use in Female Network, with additional reporting by Liana Smith-Bautista.)
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