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Mobile Phones Linked to Increased Anxiety and Lower Grades

Constantly texting and calling people on your phone may stress you out.

Staying Up Late May Affect the Emotional and Mental Growth of Teens

Parents should encourage their children to sleep early for better academic and emotional development.

Teaching Kids Healthy Habits May Help Them Excel in School

Encouraging your kids to eat and sleep right may help them perform academically well.

Motivation May Predict Performance in College, Says Study

College kids who attend school to study areas of interest and to challenge themselves are more likely to do well academically.

Meditation May Improve Academic Performance

A bit of quiet time may go a long way with improving grades, a recent study suggests.

Whiz Kids: Being Conscientious May Help Children Excel in School

Academic excellence isn't only brought about by smarts, but by attitude as well.

Children Learn Better with a Mix of Academics and Play

It's not all about hard ABC: a child's curriculum should include interaction, imagination, and play.

Lead May Affect Children's Cognitive PerformanceӬ

Traces of lead in your home may slow down your child's mental development overtime.

Children May Take Negative Academic Stereotypes as Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Some people think that girls are better academically than boys, which may lead the latter to perform poorly in school.

Your Child's Friends May Affect Her Grades, Study Suggests

The kind of crowd your teen hangs out with may predict her academic standing.

Math Isn't All About IQ--It's About Motivation, Too

A recent study shows that intelligence is only half of the story when dealing with numbers.

Physically Fit Kids Do Well Academically, Study Says

Being good in PE may mean being good in other subjects as well.

Impulsive College Women At Risk for Alcohol Dependence

It's no laughing matter that many college students seek the bottle during low points in their lives.

Being More Willing to Take Risks May Help Your Kids Do Better at Math

A study shows that, when it comes to learning to solve arithmetic problems, fortune favors the bold.

Teens Who Abuse Alcohol May Develop Social and Academic Problems

Research shows that drinking may only make teens' existing problems worse.

Step Up: 5 Tips on Helping Your Child Grow and Develop

Here are a few ideas on how to encourage your child to enhance his skills and learn to be the best he can be.

The A+ School Plan: Make School Fun and Productive for Your Child

Help your child have balance academics, extracurriculars, and down time with this guide.

Exercise Can Help Your Kids Become Better Students

Research shows that increased physical activity can give your children an edge in the classroom.

New Study: Kids from Sex-Segregated Schools Not Academically Superior

Experts say these schools also increase the likelihood of children believing in gender stereotypes.

Start Them Right: 6 Tips to Encourage Good Study Habits in Your Kids

Help your kids get through their schoolwork with more ease and less grumbling with these suggestions.