People often stereotype sporty students as jocks who don't do well in academics, but a recent study has proven this common perception wrong. According to a feature on, it's actually quite the opposite for adolescents, as those who have been deemed fit actually get better grades.

Researcher Dawn Coe, whose study has recently been published in the Jounal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, wanted to find out if physical fitness is related with academic performance. Together with her colleagues, Coe worked with 312 sixth to eighth grade students from a West Michigan school in order to test how fit they are by asking them to undergo certain exercise programs. Later on, their grades in four classes and their scores on a standardized exam were analyzed.

The results showed that contary to popular belief, those who are physically fit took home better report cards and got higher scores on the test.

Staying fit helps kids gain self-confidence. Also, exercise keeps them from feeling sluggish, builds patience, and teaches them to create better relationships with other people.

In order to boost your child's health and wellness, encourage her to join school sports and other programs that will allow her to be active. If you can, prepare her a balanced baon, but in case she needs to buy from the school canteen, teach her the value of eating the right kinds of food. Lastly, let her sleep for at least eight hours. This way, she'll be up and ready for whatever the following school day brings.

(Photo by david albo via Flickr Creative Commons)

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