raising_school_achievers.jpgIf you’ve always wanted your child to excel at school—whether in academics or extracurriculars or both—then the results of a recent Ateneo study should give you a few great ideas on how to get started. According to this Philippine Daily Inquirer article, an Ateneo survey on student achievers has shown that the best way to raise a star pupil is through good old-fashioned parental guidance. In other words, taking the time to mentor your kids all throughout their early years of schooling actually helps them more than any fancy mental-development program.

Here are four best practices to consider when striving to raise a school achiever, as gleaned from the survey results.


To develop good study habits in your child, you must first plant and develop the idea that school is important in his or her mind. Completing assignments right after class instead of procrastinating and watching TV is a good way to reinforce this fact. Note that this means at least one parent should be available during study time to help out with any homework woes.


Give your child a space that is conducive to learning. A functional desk that is well-lit, stocked with all the necessary school supplies, and conveniently located away from distracting gadgetry will do wonders for any self-imposed study period.


Quality books are always great to have on hand, but in this day and age, it is equally as important to have a good Internet connection. This gives your child access to practical online references such as Google and Wikipedia, as well as a virtually unlimited image bank for illustrating projects.


Not all students are created the same—and this means some children will be naturally brighter than others. But the important thing to focus on is instilling discipline, motivation, and follow-through in any budding achiever. Make your kids understand that trying their best will, in the long run, make them the best—at least in light of their own potential.

For more details on student achievers, read the full article from the Lifestyle section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer website.



(Photo source: sxc.hu)

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